Image, Audio and Lot Attributes For Lots For Sale On Boat Ramp Lane, Decaturville, TN

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View the lots and surrounding area on Google Earth – search for 96 Boat Ramp Ln, Decaturville, TN 38329.
Boat Ramp is a straight shot down from the 2 lots with the entrance at the curve of the road

What makes these 2 lots special?

  1. Large paved boat ramp under 100 yards to the front of either lot that goes into a cover accessing the Tennessee River.
  2. No Building Codes (from my research). The only thing that needs a permit is installing septic and hooking a power panel to the grid.
  3. Able to build any type of home. I originally bought the land to build container homes as you can get a 40 foot high top container delivered for about $4500.
  4. Another great building option I looked at is a large metal building 16 feet tall keeping the actual house 8 feet above the ground in case of flooding and using the bottom for garage space. The one house on stilts is build from wood – using a metal building concept would cut development costs in half
  5. Able to AirBNB or engage in other activities to create profit centers from having an ideal spot next to a river for boating and fishing
  6. Close to Nashville – if you have never been to Nashville, it is the most amazing downtown in the World – country music capital of the World with over 50 4 level bars downtown playing incredible music 7 days a week starting at noon. Would be a easy 90 minute drive straight East.
  7. Close to Memphis – about the same distance to Memphis if you enjoy Beal Street and visiting the birthplace of Elvis with just a 2 hour drive West.
  8. No neighbors – there are only 4 homes I believe inhabited as the one between my two lots has been vacant for more then a few years. I do not think anyone lives in their homes full time.
  9. Decatur County is the smallest in Tennessee with only 11,391 people. Gorgeous area with no real population
  10. Lots to do on the River with marinas and campgrounds
  11. No traffic in the county or where the lots are at as there is no reason for a car to drive to the lots as it dead ends at the River
  12. Did I mention you basically have a large private boat dock to yourself
  13. Land is flat, no trees and ready to septic and power – no work to prep the lots.
  14. Cost to make the land usable would be just septic, power and sewer which all can be done for $5000-$7500 from my research
  15. Great investment as there is few if any lots presenting these above benefits…especially the access to a boat ramp in your front yard
  16. Super Low Property Taxes – Currently approximately $240 per year for both lots.

Corey Huetter, CEO
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Walking To Boat RampLot 1 – Larger OneLot 2 – Smaller One